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The Greatest Gift

Recently we heard a story from friends of ours of a great blessing that their family had received. They were so moved, they didn't know how to adequately say thank you for such a great and unexpected gift. So I started thinking, "Wow, the gift God gave us in sending us His only Son is infinite. Do I meditate on how amazing a gift that is? How can I ever thank God for sending Jesus who died to make up for my sins and the sins of the whole world? Do I even remember to thank Him every day?" Jesus not only came to earth, He came as a little baby, He not only told us how to live but showed us the way by His own example from the crib to the Cross, He not only died for us but died a most humiliating, horrible death, all in obedience to His Father and all for love of us, so we can be with Him forever. Otherwise, there is no way we could have made up for our infinite offense against God. Only an infinite offering, that of God Himself, could make up for our offenses. So this Christmas, though there is no way to adequately thank God for the infinite gift of Jesus, seen laying poor and humble in mangers throughout the world, we ask for the grace to embrace this gift and multiply it in our lives with praise and thanksgiving in all we do. May our lives echo the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary, "my soul magnifies the Lord, my spirit exalts in God my Savior." Merry Christmas to everyone!


  • Yes, let us not take our faith and freedom to practice it for granted. This Christmas a church in China was bulldozed with the Holy Sacrament desecrated! 11/28/17
    The place of worship was built in 1999 with all the permits issued by the authorities. The demolition order was issued on 20 December. The Via Crucis, the tabernacle, the vestments and the chairs were destroyed. Catholics were not allowed to come near. Protests were held in front of the town hall.

  • Great job Kathleen!


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