We hope you are loving our site and enjoying our handmade products! We hope to draw people closer to Jesus and Mary and to prayer through beauty and peace, which we hope our products inspire in those who use them.

We pray for you as we make each Rosary and chaplet and we give back to the community by donating a portion of our sales to non-profit organizations that support the dignity of life and help with Catholic evangelization efforts (ex. Ladies Love Life, St. Paul Street Evangelization, St Stephen Ministry, Rachel's Vineyard). Through your purchase, you become a part of our KB & More family and help to support these beautiful ministries.

We realize that every person has a story.  We want to share our story with you and hear your stories as well. Our joy is to spread the message that God can turn around all things (pains, sufferings, fears, traumas) through His great Love and Mercy.  We have seen Him do it many times in our own lives, especially after our miscarriage, and know that He wants to do the same for you.  

So please check out our beautiful products "made with love" in Bucks County, Pennsylvania! Stay tuned as we add new products and offer promotions throughout the year to those who subscribe to our email.

Join us on the great adventure of life and remember, as Bishop Fulton Sheen said, "Life is worth living."