Our Story


We are Shawn & Kathleen Tobin, co-founders of Katholic Beads & More.  We are ordinary people that have been helped by God and His sweet Mother, Mary, time and time again. We first met about six years ago through mutual friends and family and are now married over five years.

It was a quite a start and we like to call it "Crazy Love." We both knew within the first two weeks that we were meant for each other.  

We were married within a year of our first date. We have one baby in heaven from a miscarriage a few years ago and we have a beautiful toy poodle, Mia.

Following our miscarriage, we were encouraged by a priest friend to attend a Rachel's Vineyard retreat at the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA. So we did. We were very moved by the love and healing from all aspects of the weekend retreat. It changed us and strengthened our marriage too. From that experience we wanted to say thank you to God for all the many graces we received that weekend and since then. That's how our mission of supporting  Rachel's Vineyard Retreat began. It is a retreat for any man or woman suffering from pregnancy loss, whether it be from a miscarriage (which is not mentioned, that we know of, on their website yet) or from abortion or both. It is the most beautiful retreat we have ever been on and we've been on a lot!


God placed an inspiration in our hearts that has now become a ministry-in-the-making with our company, KB & More. We are excited to see where God leads us, to whom He leads us and what beautiful plans He has in store!

We also want to thank all our family and friends who have encouraged us and supported us in so many generous ways. And we want to give credit to our nieces, Sarah and Hannah, who helped come up with our name and our initial logo: