1.   Why is your Ministry named Katholic Beads & More with a K instead of a C?

One of our nieces, Sarah, playfully came up with our company name, Katholic Beads, as a play on combining the name of one of our co-founders, Kathleen, with the name of the business: Kath + Catholic = Katholic. We really liked it and added the More so we could be open to any future possibilities of expansion that God called us to without having to change the name.  We later discovered that Katholic is spelled with a K in some other countries and languages and that it originally comes from the Greek, katholikos, meaning universal or whole. 

2.  How may we contact you? We are available by phone, email and directly from our website (Sundays we are closed):

Phone:  215-504-1718
Contact Button: Green Contact Button on Website
3.  Do we deliver outside of the United States?

No, currently, we do not deliver outside of the United States.  

4.  How do we care for our Rosary Bracelet Wraps and religious jewelry?
See dedicated tab on main menu

5. Do you have a gift option?

Our packaging slips can come with a special note that you can add to your order at time of purchase and it does not contain the price on it. We currently do not offer special gift wrapping.

6.  Why do you charge sales tax over the internet for customers in PA and NJ?

We are required to do so by law since we physically sell our products in these states.  

7. Return Policy (revised May 2021):

We do not accept returns or exchanges since all products are personal wear items. We offer a 90 day guarantee from date of purchase (with proof of purchase) for free repair including shipping costs. All original parts must be included for free repair.
If there is ever any particular issue or question regarding a product, we are available by phone or email and will be happy to work with you. Thank you!

8. Covid 19 Prevention Policy:

Our company is taking the necessary precautions as stated by the CDC for prevention of the spread of the Covid 19 virus, including frequent hand washing, use of hand sanitizer and disinfection of surfaces.
We keep all those who have been affected by Covid19 in our prayers.