Journey in the Desert

It's hard to believe that Lent is well on its way and Easter is right around the corner. Does it ever seem that time races by so fast you can't even fully live the season (including seasons of the year)?

Well, this Lent I gave up looking up the news on my phone in the morning when I eat breakfast. It might seem like not a big deal but that is harder for me than not eating chocolate. It's something I became almost addicted to and wastes a ton of time, that I don't have to waste! And it actually does not help me to start my day off well at all. In fact, it made me sad and depressed to read all the stuff going on in the world (minus the good things of course which I rarely saw in my news headlines). So in breaking this unhealthy habit, I am remembering what I heard someone say once last year, that when you give something up you need to fill that "space" with a positive habit. So since it is an issue with using my phone, I decided to use that time during breakfast to watch the daily Best Lent Ever videos by Matthew Kelley and, if I have time, also to read a daily COR email from Christopher West. Whew! What a big difference it is making (though I still struggle to not check out the news first thing). I start the day with beautiful, faith-filled, positive reflections that can help me change my life one day at a time, which is less daunting than thinking of how far I still have to go to work through my defects and grow in holiness in the whole picture. I don't waste time (and get to morning Mass on time now :) ) and I am uplifted and given a healthy challenge for the day. I don't start off with such a heavy heart, almost overwhelmed by what's going on in the world, and I can make a difference starting with myself.

Sigh... So, hopefully this Lent I don't break my promise and after 40 days live at least some of the positive changes that are given to work on daily during this time. Thank God we get to live Lent over and over each year so we can grow a little more each time. :)  Only 4 weeks to go!

Here is another great tool that a priest gave out at Mass last week. A calendar with an activity to do each day during Lent. Here's a pic of it:

Happy Lent! Buona Quaresima!

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