It's a beautiful day!

What a beautiful time to be alive! I’m saying that not just because it’s finally Spring and the sun is shining, the birds singing, a beautiful breeze blowing through my window, but because this is an inkling of the beauty that God wants for our souls.

If we look at the news or TV, we don’t see signs of this beauty very often and we can become discouraged and depressed very easily. People treating each other rudely and cursing even in food shows (Is that necessary?!), hit and runs, shootings, war and violence in many parts of the world, etc. You get the picture so I won’t go on. Does that remind us of the beautiful or make us want to sing that we’re happy to be alive? Probably not, but guess what? It is precisely because it is so “dark” in the world that being a light of Christ is needed even more!

The brightness of the sun on this gorgeous Spring day is nothing compared to the brightness of the Son shining through a person with a pure heart, whose smile and kindness radiates through the darkness of the world, giving a glimmer of hope to so many who lack it. Sure, these might seem flowery words but it isn’t easy living hope in a world (society) that doesn’t seem to give us reason to when we look around. But just being in the state of grace and not even saying a word, we carry the light of Christ in us to all we meet. Like St. Francis said, preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary, use words.

Blessings to you for a beautiful day and another chance to preach the Gospel to so many who are truly dying of thirst, longing unknowingly for the pure streams of Living Water that Christ wants to pour out to them through you! :)

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