Holy Souls to the Rescue

One day last fall, I went for a nice long walk with my dog, Mia, at the local state park.The trees were so pretty with the changing leaves. Mia loved it too since she is not a fan of warmer weather - she gets overheated when it's over 60 degrees :). 

So we had a great time walking and running through all the fallen leaves along the path, and when I reached into my sweatshirt about an hour later to take out my car keys, they were gone! Not only my car keys, but also the keys to my house, my husband's truck, and several other important keys. "Ugh! How could I be so stupid?!" was the first panicked thought that ran through my head thinking "... all the keys on one ring AND in a pocket without a zipper AND running through piles of fallen leaves with the dog..." So the dog and I walked back over the whole length of where we had walked, kicking around all the leaves, looking along the edge of the walkway... I didn't remember hearing the keys fall onto the pavement so I figured they probably fell in the leaves somewhere. This will be impossible!

At this point, my heart sank more and more as the dog tired out and I had to actually carry her at this point (she's a toy poodle) and, despite all the nice people who had offered to help look along the way, no keys.

Now it was getting toward evening, I couldn't get into my car, my husband was working and wouldn't be home for more than an hour. Even if I got a ride home, I had no key to get into the house, and I have my dog so I can't wait inside somewhere as the evening got cooler. So these two nice ladies, sisters, took pity on me and took Mia and I back to their house until it was close to the time that Shawn would get home. Then they dropped us off on my doorstep and I sat on the front steps waiting for Shawn since I was locked out of my own house. Talk about humiliating.

An aside now. Years ago my friend, Donna, had taught me to pray to ask the Holy Souls to help find things and offer a Rosary for them to thank them. I was lazy about it back then because I wanted to do a quick prayer to St. Anthony and find whatever I lost. So at the time I had lost a watch. I prayed to St. Anthony but for some reason, still didn't find it. Time passed so I gave in and said to the Holy Souls that I would pray a Rosary for them if they helped me to find it, and just as I was saying that in my head I reached into the pocket of a sweater I hadn't worn for weeks and there was the watch. Sneaky, aren't they? :)

So as we left the park and I realized I wouldn't find the keys that day, I just entrusted the whole thing to the Holy Souls and I felt in my heart that somehow I would get my keys back (even though in my mind I thought it was almost impossible and had no idea how since the park was covered in leaves).

A couple of weeks passed and I didn't lose hope, though I did have to make copies of keys and use a spare one for the car. Then one day at work, my husband called and left a voice mail ,"They found your keys and they're at the Post Office". What?!!! I couldn't believe it!

So here's what happened: Someone found my keys, didn't know who they belonged to since there's no name or ID on them, dropped them in a local mail box, they ended up at my local Post Office, a worker there saw the tag for our local hardware store, called them up and gave the number on the key card. The employee of the hardware store looked it up and called the owner of the card, my husband .... And I went right after work and picked them up at my Post Office, almost incredulous that they could possibly be my keys until I had them in my hands. Wow!!! Holy Souls to the rescue big time and God bless the person who dropped them in the mail box!

If I needed more proof that the Holy Souls listen to our prayers and help us, there it was. Though I was already a believer :) 

So now, we are super excited that we have a new Rosary coming out, thanks to an idea inspired by our friends, Bob and Maureen. The new Rosary is, for me, a wonderful way to thank the Holy Souls who have helped me so much through the years  and rely on our prayers to help them get to heaven quicker. Click here to check it out! 

Holy Souls pray for us!

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  • So Happy the Holy Souls found your keys my beautiful wife!


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