Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  We wanted to give you a little insight into the man and Saint we love so much.  This is from one of the only two writings that were ever verified to be from his own hand...This is from St. Patrick's "Confession", section 34, and fits well with our KB & More Blog ("Why doesn't God answer my prayers?") : 

Because of this, I am never weary of giving thanks to my God who hath kept me safe, "in the day of my trial."  In such a way that today I may in full confidence offer Him a sacrifice of my soul as "a living victim" to Christ my Lord. For it is He who "has defended me from all my afflictions," so that I may say to him,  " Who am I , Lord," or what is my calling , that you have appeared to me in such divine power.  So that today, among the gentiles, I may praise you ceaselessly, and magnify your name, wherever I may be, and this, not merely in good time but also in distress.......  (Psalm 95;9; Romans 12:1; Psalm 34:7; II Samuel 7:18; Acts 2:17; and Matthew 24:14) 

Take some time to talk to St. Patrick and let his words soak into your soul and mind.  Are they speaking anything to your heart?  Does he want want you to do something with what you learned today about him and yourself?

St. Patrick, bless us!!!!   St. Patrick, please pray for us! 










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