The Battle belongs to the Lord

1 Samuel 17:47 “All this multitude, too, shall learn that it is not by sword or spear that the LORD saves. For the battle belongs to the LORD…”

The unspeakable suffering and tragedy of what unfolds before our eyes is almost too much to bear. We think, “How on earth is it possible that this can be happening in our modern times?” “Why doesn’t it seem anyone is protecting the people in Ukraine?” “What will happen to all of these people who are displaced and have lost everything?” 

What we see in such painful images is a reflection of what is happening in the spiritual realm: good vs. evil battling head on. We know who won the ultimate battle, conquering evil by giving His life on the Cross, but in the great gift (or sometimes curse) of free will, each person’s choices of good or evil lead to heaven or hell, both on earth and in eternity. 

What can we do? How can we help to bring peace to such a wounded world? Let us hold on to Mary our Mother, who witnessed and lived the same battle of good vs. evil in Her life, firsthand experiencing the blessings and sorrows that come from God's gift of free will.  Throughout Her life, the Blessed Virgin Mary lived a life of love for God and neighbor, not returning evil for evil but with God’s grace, trusting in God's plan to bring good even from evil. Who more than Mary knows the pain of loss, of being displaced, of living in fear while all the little children her Son's age were being killed, of living in poverty, and of forgiving those who harmed her family.  In all these times, Mary gave her Fiat; she was surrendered to God's loving providence and will help us to do the same.

Let us unite our prayers with Mary’s and entrust the people of Ukraine and all the world to Her loving protection, guidance and care. May She obtain for us all grace, strength and peace that can only come from God, Who can do all things. 


Seven Sorrows of Mary

The First Sorrow The Prophecy of Simeon (Reading: Luke 2:25-35)

The Second Sorrow The flight into Egypt (Reading: Matthew 2:13-15)

The Third Sorrow The Child Jesus Lost in the Temple (Reading: Luke 2: 41-50)

The Fourth Sorrow Mary meets Jesus carrying the cross (Reading: Luke 23: 27-29)

The Fifth Sorrow Mary at the foot of the cross (Reading: John 19: 25-30)

The Sixth Sorrow Mary receives the body of Jesus (Reading: Psalm 130)

The Seventh Sorrow Mary witnesses the burial of Jesus (Reading: Luke 23: 50-56)

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