Come away with Me into the desert

Our hearts are heavy as we witness so much suffering throughout the world. But, as always, God's timing is perfect. Lent falls just as the world enters an even more tumultuous time of war, fear, suffering, and uncertainty. People are tired and scared and our hearts break as we witness the horror of so many innocent people suffering in the Ukraine.

We may wonder, what can we do? Can one person make a difference? Mother Teresa of Calcutta was once asked this same question by a reporter and she answered him with an image. She asked him to imagine a drop of water falling into a bucket of water and asked him what happens. He responded that the single drop of water causes ripples across the whole bucket. Mother Teresa's image showed "yes", one person's prayers and actions can have a ripple effect across the world. So although we may feel tempted to think that we are helpless to make a difference, we truly can, especially by living our Lenten journey united to Jesus, Who makes all the difference!

As we enter these 40 days of prayer and fasting, following Jesus into the desert, let us offer our sacrifices united with His ultimate sacrifice on the Cross, for conversion of hearts starting with our own, for peace in the world and for protection of all those suffering in war-torn Ukraine. If we have faith even as big as a tiny mustard seed, Jesus said we can move mountains! 

May Our Blessed Mother protect us all and intercede for us to live Lent to the fullest this year!

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