Looking back and moving forward

First of all, happy New Year! We hope you all had a blessed Christmas and a great beginning to a new year! This time last year, a dear friend said 2020 was like 20/20 vision in the new year and was it clear vision!! It was actually more like an x-ray, CT scan and full body scan and was full of self-revelation as well as quite a picture of the state of affairs in our country and around the world!

It was a year of coming together through new ways though physically separated by a virus that filled people with fear, anxiety and uncertainty and touched many families with loss, whether loss of a loved one, a job, or life as we've known it. An x-ray of our society has revealed deep political differences /separations as people have set their hopes for the future on one presidential candidate or the other. Now some are left in a sense of despair while others are "relieved" there will be "change". So this year has just begun with it's new challenges and, though it seems as dark politically as it is with the darkness of winter, we are still in the last days of Christmas and we remember the Light that Jesus brought to the darkness of the world.

This morning as I considered the ugliness of what's been going on this week in our nation's capital and the unrest of this past year, I pulled up a Psalm on my phone when I put in a search for "hoping in the Lord". Psalm 62 came up as one of the options so I checked it out and found it apropos:

My soul rests in God alone,
from whom comes my salvation.
God alone is my rock and salvation,
my fortress; I shall never fall. ...
My soul, be at rest in God alone,
from whom comes my hope.
God alone is my rock and my salvation,
my fortress; I shall not fall.
My deliverance and honor are with God,
my strong rock;
my refuge is with God.
Trust God at all times, my people!
Pour out your hearts to God our refuge. ...
One thing God has said;
two things I have heard:
Strength belongs to God;
so too, my Lord, does mercy,
For you repay each man
according to his deeds.
So we place our trust and hope in Our Lord as we begin this new year. As one of the Mass readings this week reminds us, "There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear". So we pray to surrender all our concerns to Him, Who can do all things.
As we begin this new year we also have some new ideas and products that we will be adding to our website and store so please keep a look out (hint: St Maximilian, Patron of our difficult times)! Blessings to you in the New Year!


  • Prasie and glory to God! So happy about your new product, the St Maximilian Chaplet. I am sure it will become sold out as soon as it becomes available. Good job Shawn and Kathleen!

  • I am so thrilled to see that the Our Lady of Sorrows Rosary was sold out!!! Many blessings have come from that devotion🙏✝️❤️

    Ann Hopkins

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